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Residency Application

By Med stu - Wednesday, August 17, 2016 19 Comments
Before anything I want to say, I'm using gofundme as my last resource and am extremely grateful to everyone reading this. 

Most of the people know me by my Alias, MedstuLife. I have always used an alias so I can blog (My Blog )and write what is important to the future and current students without any external pressure. 

My Story, well I have been in medical school for approx. 5 years, to this day I can't believe I came this far, but it honestly took tremendous hard work and dedicated. I took time off twice during those 5 years to financially stabilize myself and move forward to reach this point. Last year I could not fully apply and told myself I will work really hard and save up to fully apply next year. 

But things don't always go as you plan, no matter how hard you push. So Even though currently I'm pretty much working two full-time jobs, with trying to tutor students wherever time allows me, I am still running short on money to be able to fully apply to residency.  I already wasted a year working towards this, but with so many loans, interest, and minimum payments I couldn't save up to achieve my goal and as a last resort, I am starting this 'Go Fund Me' campaign because I want a chance to be able to fully apply for residency. I have worked so hard to reach this point and now I can't cross the finish line since I don't have the financial means to apply.

My Goal has always been to support/help as many people as possible through my blog or in person, and that's why I chose to be a physician as well so I can always make a difference in my community and society. It has always been the people, I interacted with along the way that have pushed me to come this far, and as a final push I need all the help I can get. 

So please consider helping me in completing my journey as a medical student, reaching my endeavors. I will be using the funds to finance the cost of researching residency programs, filling application and Applying to residency spots. 

More importantly, if you can help me with residency, getting an interview, advice or suggestion please feel free to get in touch or leave any contact info for me to reach out to you. Any possible help is greatly appreciated. 

I am and will always be forever grateful for the immense support and trust placed in me by reading my blog, asking me any questions and with my replies. As a way of saying Thank You, I will try to set up a personal interview for any donator who wishes to ask for any advice or guide for anything along their own 'Journey Towards a medical degree'.

Please help, follow and share the campaign

A humble blogger,


19 comments to ''Residency Application "

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  2. I love to learn about other people's experiences, so thanks for sharing it.
    I'm starting at the moment my own journey towards a medical degree and working on my 250 word personal statement.
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