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Studying during med school || Mistakes || whats Missing || USMLE Step 1 / 2

By Med stu - Saturday, January 9, 2016 9 Comments
We came come to med school with the ambition and hope that we will be better than the others, we will do our best and achieve our goal of medical of a doctor. With hard work and true dedication that is possible, but the amount of material to be covered through medical school can be excessive for some people and we all fall into the same mistakes here and there.

Since i have been Tutoring for some time now I noticed three common mistakes amongst all my students.

  • Re-reading without focusing on weak point
    • We have so many books to read Kaplan, First Aid, Master the boards etc etc
    • Reading the material again and again is a good way to be familiarize yourself with the topic BUT unless you are also focusing on what you missed from the last read, its pointless to read what you already know again and again.
    • To Counter this I recommend having a study partner or someone senior to study with, Tutoring really helps with this step, someone to go over with you and fill in the blanks in your knowledge can help you really shine and score high on the exams
  • Burn out
    • A lot of students don't take proper breaks, causing them to burn out
    • Have a day in the week for yourself, where you can let your brain and body relax. 
    • Studying everyday is great, but if you are bored of life, then you can't start everyday with the same focus, motivation as you would after taking a day off.
  • Rushing to meet deadlines
    • We all set deadlines, which is awesome and how studying should be done, but some of us, skip topics or don't pay the right amount of attention to the topic at hand just so they can finish the desired topic on time; on schedule. 
    • This is detrimental, because you end up spending more time coming back and restudying the topic
    • The easy solution is to give yourself enough time for each subject be honest with yourself; and if required re-schedule than skipping.


9 comments to ''Studying during med school || Mistakes || whats Missing || USMLE Step 1 / 2 "