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What do i Think about Step 1 || USMLE STEP 1

By Unknown - Monday, December 7, 2015 13 Comments
I will be discussing step 1 in detail for updates and discussion follow on http://step1exp.blogspot.com

Step 1 is different than many other exam anyone would have taken in medical school or throughout their education. There is a flow to the process, which I believe all students go through.

  1. Understand all the material really well, be able to explain it to yourself and others
  2. Memorize the important things, especially the high yield material know them extremely well
  3. Know how the questions will be asked regarding the subject so when they are presented to you, material can be recall easily
This is the formula that most people use, obviously not everyone is the same, some people have amazing memory and will completely skip part 2. 

I will discuss what material and how i used them in other post

13 comments to ''What do i Think about Step 1 || USMLE STEP 1 "

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