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My thoughts on Caribbean medical schools || Why Saint James school of medicine || Caribbean medical school

By Unknown - Thursday, December 3, 2015 22 Comments
I see a lot of people either complaining about it or really speaking highly of it, but what is the real deal, is it even worth going to the caribbean? paying all this money? 

So even though i haven't obtained a residency yet, i do believe my thoughts are of a positive nature. The way i see caribbean schools are an oppurtunity, its one of the biggest life altering decision that you can make but it can also be one of the most fruitful one. 

Throughout my journey if i am being honest, i don't think caribbean schools (not talking about the top 4) compare anything to the real medical school, you won't be taught in the same manner, won't be pushed in the same manner. There is alot of self learning, its all on you how much you really want to push yourself to achieve something to learn more. With kaplan, first aid, etc etc so many companies out there having great study material, you can study the basic science basically on your own. It all comes down to applying yourself, though it doesn't work for everyone; through my medical school career if im being honest there were a good amount of people who dropped out, some couldn't take the caribbean lifestyle, some could handle the pressure, while others just couldn't survive; its all part of this career. Medicine can be one of the most rewarding career, but you must work hard to get there. What caribbean schools give you is a great oppurtunity to fully apply yourself give it all you got, and get the materials, research apply your skills and bring them to a whole new level, not everyone will be able to avail this oppurtunity and its sad but not all the students make it, but i know the ones that keep working hard and keep going no matter what they come out as a MD on the other side. 

When i started med school i was really lost, honestly i had no idea about so many things and you learn most things along the way, but one of the main reason i started tutoring was cause i wish someone was there on the other side who told me about certain do and don't; was honest with me and cared about my success as much as i do. 

Why St. James school of medicine
Why i would say SJSM, because of experience, SJSM has been around for almost 15 years, with so many students in residency (some of my friends too) this really benefits you in the long run. When applying for residency if the programs have heard about your school or even better have students that did their residency in their program, there is a high probably they will give you an interview, this is where alot of new schools suffer but they are fairly new people haven't heard about them which causes problems when applying.  Tuition is alot more affordable compare to many other schools; and another great quality is there is no wait in order to start your clinical rotations; as soon as you are done you can set up your clinical rotations almost in all cases. 

But i do admit, SJSM can improve in certain sections and i really wish our rotations were more spread out especially in hospitals which offer residency programs especially residency programs with J1 visa; because during clinicals is a real time to shine, to show your skills, it gives you a high chance to obtaining a interview and residency at that hospital.

With growing campuses and students, and SJSM having many weekly seminar all around North America, i know people have alot of questions; please feel free to ask them at medstulife@gmail.com


22 comments to ''My thoughts on Caribbean medical schools || Why Saint James school of medicine || Caribbean medical school"

  1. Hi !
    I am seriously considering this school however after overlooking the curriculum, I was wondering if the basic sciences fully prepare you for the clinical rotations ?
    Thank you,
    Tina Smith Desrosiers

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