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Update: USMLE steps, Caribbean medical school, Residency; Caribbean students are not represented properly

By Unknown - Sunday, November 15, 2015 7 Comments


Hi Everyone,

I realize it’s been a really long time since I posted, and I apologize for that, well I am going to take this post to update everything and bring everyone up to speed. So while I was away these were the things I was able to accomplish

  • Passed step 2 CS
  • Passed step 2 CK
  • I’m going to be graduating in a couple of months

I got my score late so I haven’t been able to apply for residency properly this year, any suggestion ? if anyone has a good opinion that would be great? or any of my reader who benefitted from my post and are in residency can help that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Future of blog:

So I will try to be more regular with the posting and I have decided to divide up the blog, since it was getting too big and I want to provide content based on the viewer need, I will be create many different blog under subjects. Most (90%) of the post will still be here, so this blog will contain all the information but for specific information instead of overwhelming the readers on this blog they can go to specific blog. Example step 1, CK , CS.. etc. One main reason I want to share these things was because I see a lot of students especially who go to Caribbean school struggling, we are not pure IMG/FMG, almost all of us went to high school, college and did our undergrad in North America, our way of studying is very different compared to IMG/FMG from other parts of the world, and many include myself had to battle through these struggles cause while Caribbean medical schools might be great they don’t provide the same support/guidelines and don't come with the same guarantee a US medical school does.

Keeping all these things in mind, and especially that I have almost a year till I can apply full for residency, I will start tutoring, especially since the knowledge is fresh in my mind and I did tutor during basic science, I’m positive to help out everyone. Also, a lot of my material and what I used will be posted on the blogs, so if you can’t take advantage of tutoring you can still benefit from my personal notes, of-course I will be developing material for tutoring which I will keep for my tutoring classes. (another post will be made about details on tutoring)

Also, lastly, the whole blog will be getting a new look so hopefully it’s easier to browse and utilize for everyone. Please pass any comments or suggestions below. and I apologize to the people whose email I couldn’t respond to, feel free to email me at medstulife@gmail.com or connect me through facebook.


7 comments to ''Update: USMLE steps, Caribbean medical school, Residency; Caribbean students are not represented properly"

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