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By Med stu - Monday, November 30, 2015 5 Comments

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but due to time constraints it was not possible. Now after step 1 and step 2; it has become possible to pass on the knowledge to other fellow students. There are many reasons which I believe tutoring is really important for students, especially Caribbean students.

As I mentioned before and ill talk about it again in a bit of detail about Caribbean lifestyle. What Caribbean schools are basically an opportunity to become a doctor, but this opportunity doesn't  come with everyone served on the plate to you; there is a lot of hard work involved but many times students don't get the same return as they put it. It doesn't have to do with their abilities but rather not proper guidance. Medical school in the US and Canada have proper guidelines, guidance counsellors that help them reach their academic goal, where as even IMG's abroad have experience or guidelines they have developed with the help of previous students. This is where the Caribbean students suffer, there are many new schools and there is a disconnection between the island life and clinical rotations life, everyone is moving at a different pace where as student in other places have similar timelines. 

This makes tutoring so critical, EVERYONE need a small guidelines, a nudge in the right direction, you need to be sure what you are studying is the proper material, it will be tested and you are understanding it the way it's meant to be understood. Keeping everything in mind I am offering my services as a Tutor, with experience during basic sciences, I believe I can provide critical help to every student. 

I have made different options available which I am confident will entail all the students, if there are other ways, that is more comfortable for you, feel free to message me and we can talk about it in detail. 

But for sure have a look at http://www.medstututors.com/   , take some opportunity to be sure about your academic's.  


5 comments to ''Tutoring "

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