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"Blog divisions" || Saint James School of Medicine || Caribbean Medical schools || USMLE

By Med stu - Wednesday, November 18, 2015 4 Comments

So since completing med school is a journey and the questions I get are pertaining to different steps im going to divide up posts, almost all post (99%) will still be posted here but if you wanted a specific category that you are focusing on with your journey, you will be able to go to specific blog. 

Here is the list, if anyone want to add anything let me know 

  • Medstu Life - This regular blog
  • Tutor - Blog on Tutoring (under construction)
  • Medstu News  - Since im in the medical field, its full of so many wonderful new discoveries and cool things we are learning everything so im just going to utilize this to share something interesting I find, feel free to share if you guys come across something interesting.
  • Usmle Step 1 - Step 1 stuff (under construction)
  • Usmle Step 2 CS - (under construction)
  • USMLE Step 2 CK - (under construction)
  • Residency - (under construction)
  • Jackson Park Hospital Rotations - Will mentions the rotations there, do and dont, reviews what's good and what not
  • Canadian Exam MCCEE - (under construction)
  • Canadian Residency - (under construction)
  • USMLE Head Quarters - A side blog I had where i just randomly posted some USMLE experience from different sources
  • SJSM FAQ's - I want to post all the mailbag questions here to help everyone, answer Questions they have


4 comments to ''"Blog divisions" || Saint James School of Medicine || Caribbean Medical schools || USMLE"

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