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Clinicals - ELECTIVES

By Unknown - Saturday, August 9, 2014 7 Comments
Regarding ELECTIVES i was given a big list so i decided to post it here for everyone information so they can get upto date information on where SJSM can set up elective rotations for their students, off course with electives you are able to set up your own rotation just make sure you can confirm with the school which states you can do electives in.

Amount of Electives required (48week - 16 week from AICM) - 32 Week (8 months)
Most of the elective rotations being 1 month

Elective rotations:

Our affiliated hospitals and preceptors are mostly in the Chicago-land area. One exception is Dr. Rajendra Singh in West Virginia. Students can schedule all elective rotations with Dr. Singh directly, contact information below.

Raleigh General and Appalachian General- Beckley, WV
Elective rotations only
 Please make sure to always contact the school once you have found any preceptor interested in taking you on for an elective rotation. We are not approved for several states and cannot send students to TX, FL, GA, NY, CA and any states following the CA list for rotations. With scheduling your own rotations comes a lot of research.

You are welcome to schedule any of your elective rotations with Jackson Park. You can schedule these with either Shanetta or Rosemary at JPH.

The electives offered through the school are:

·         Internal Medicine (Metro South) (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Radiology (Metro South) (Mercy)
·         Ob-Gyn (Metro South)
·         Maternal Fetal Medicine (Metro South)
·         Surgery (Metro South)(Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Orthopedic Surgery (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Ambulatory Surgery (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Gastroenterology(Metro South)(Chicagoland Preceptor)
·         Internal Medicine - Sub I (Mercy)
·         Neurology (Mercy)(Chicagoland Preceptor)
·         Emergency Medicine (Mercy) (Metro South)
·         Family Medicine (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Pediatrics (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Sports Medicine (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Orthopedics (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         Pain Management (Chicagoland preceptor)
·         ENT (ear, nose & throat)
We also have indirect affiliations with West Suburban Medical Center and Cook County Hospital. These hospitals have their own application processes, and in order to schedule anything you will need to speak with the coordinators at the hospital. These coordinators may also be able to offer you more rotations, so the list below may not be all of your choices.
West Suburban Medical Center
Elective Rotations
(Must have core rotations completed)
·         Cardiology
·         Gastroenterology
·         Pulmonary
·         Hematology/Oncology
·         Radiology
·          ICU Sub-I
·          Floor Sub-I
John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Elective Rotations
·         Trauma
·         Pediatrics Emergency Medicine


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7 comments to ''Clinicals - ELECTIVES"

  1. why isn't psychiatry on the list?

    1. it is available at Jackson Park hospital, the list didn't include that cuz its part of the core rotation and at JPH

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