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Clinicals - Core rotation

By Med stu - Saturday, August 9, 2014 3 Comments
Hey Guys,

so im just to give an overview of what happens after you are done your step 1.

So After step 1 you are basically done with basic sciences and AICM program, now you have your core and your electives remaining.

Most likely all your cores will be done at Jackson Park Hospital 


The hospital might not be located in the best area of chicago, but it has alot of teach. Since you will see alot of people who haven't had alot medical care in their life, it is a great opportunity to learn.

The cores required are:

Family Medicine (6 week)
Internal Medicine (12 week)
Surgery (12 week)
Pediatrics (6 week )
Psychiatry (6 week)
OB/GYN (6 week)

you are given a list of instructor for that specific core rotation and you can help chose who you would like to do the core rotation with.

I will go in each core detail in the upcoming posts




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