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Life After step 1

By Unknown - Saturday, July 19, 2014 106 Comments
So these days i have been busy with doing my clinical rotations at Jackson Park hospital, wow time flies, before you know it feels like step 1 is old news and happened maybe many many years ago.

Before i was studying for step 1, i was told just finish step 1 rest is easy, step 1 is the real struggle though somewhat true, I really would disagree with this. The struggle continues, and its something that is a part of our career to push ourselves to our limits and achieve something which we didn't think would be possible.

I have so many nice post in my mind but its hard to just sit down and write so much. So i will see what i can do with whatever time i get.

So right after step 1, clinical start, though somewhat scary, they tend be very exciting as well, cause now you are working in the hospital among doctors, and you feel like you played a small part in easing someone's pain and making them feel better. It can get depressing sometimes too, cause you see so many amazing people going through rough time in their life, but then again the courage they have pushes you to move forward as well. Its Amazing though how you see someone come the hospital carried by the hospital staff in acute pain and then in a couple of days that same person would take the elevator down with you with a smile on their face, just seeing that makes things totally worth it.

So those are the good things after step 1,  the bad things, Paper work paper work paper work, tough hours, STEP 2 oh i guess you already know its 2 parts, Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK , and just when you thought step 1 was hard NOPE, there is even more material (or so it feels like).

So far i have completed, most of my core clinical rotations i will try my best to write small post about each one to give an overview of my experience.

feel free to email me, like always but if i don't reply i apologize just try searching for that on the blog cuz I do get the similar questions almost every time so i have talked about those topics on the blog :) hopefully they are helpful



106 comments to ''Life After step 1"

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