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Studying in Carribean? Which School? Worth it?

By Unknown - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9 Comments
Studying in the Caribbean is no walk in the park then again which medical school is, though before you even make the decision of going to med school you have to remember; 1st of all you are starting med school it wont be easy, second of all you are starting as Caribbean student, so you have to work even harder than other people to make it.

Talking about my school and most of the Caribbean student, its mostly known that the teacher you are going to get are not going to be the greatest, most teacher are people (mostly doctors) who come from other countries with thick accent and might know alot but can have a problem explaining the material to you. Also, you are spending barely enough time compare to the real medical students to learn the same subject and to be tested on it at the same level. So it all comes down to you to pick up the slack.

Anything is possible if you work hard, and caribbean schools give you an opportunity to work hard and to become a doctor, and its true fact not everyone will make it but the people willing to work hard will always stand up and they will rise to the occasion. With so many resources (books, videos, audios, revision programs etc) available, you can push yourself to know the material and do well.

So unless you pick the top three Caribbean school, i think most of the others are pretty much the same, you have different students paying different money for the same rotation and almost the same experience, BUT make sure you school is well accredited, they have proper rotations set up, and there are people who have gone through school to get residency, so do the research before picking the school

9 comments to ''Studying in Carribean? Which School? Worth it?"

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