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Been a while ....

By Unknown - Sunday, February 2, 2014 6 Comments
Hey , yes this blog is still running, I know I haven't really posted anything for a while I have to admit starting clinicals is a lot of work, its not just running around that drains but also mentally you feel the stress of having everything ready before the doctor comes and acting on your feet. Anywayz i will try to write alot more from now on, and keep everyone in touch

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Was thinking today of signing up for ask.fm , so it makes it easier for everyone to ask me questions, i know lately i haven't been able to answer them due to time constrains, and if i know the answer is already something i talked about I mostly won't reply.

So i added a Archive page So it can help everyone looking for answer i know its a drag to just go back so many pages but the archive page will really help with that, also don't forget you can always search for a particular topic in mind, and the Mail Bag tag should really help you out, i post questions and their answers, so hopefully it helps everyone out :)

Lets end the post on the good news that SJSM is opening a new campus ! big big news and we get to keep our accreditation which is awesome. I haven't really heard anything official from SJSM, but u can see on IMED website , the school is listed and hopefully alot of good things expected of SJSM

So ill keep you guys posted with Clinicals, if you think i have missed anything on Step 1 studying please feel free to ask and i can make a topic about that as well. 


6 comments to ''Been a while ...."

  1. Good to have you back

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  3. Sure not a problem, if there anything in particular you want me to focus on?

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