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Exam day

By Unknown - Friday, November 15, 2013 2 Comments

Ok i got back from writing the exam a lil while ago, and i want to write this before i forget everything. This post will probably be posted after i get my result cause im really nervous.

Ok my thoughts on the exam, well to be honest i cant describe it its not tough and its not easy, its just weird, there are questions which you can read and easily know the answer right away cause they are simple out of the text question, while you might have alot of others where you would read it and be like i have no idea what I just read or many times you can narrow it down to a 2 something choices and you are stuck cause it feels like it could be either one.

But overall, the time flies and i felt like there wasn't enough time to actually go back and recheck the questions that i marked; i was shocked at how fast those 8 hours went. Regarding the break, i took them as needed, first two blocks i didn't feel the need and after that when I needed a break i just took it. And after it was over i was just glad it was over.

Just make sure to bring all your required ID and to leave with the sheet of paper saying you took the exam :) other than that relax and try not to over think stuff 


2 comments to ''Exam day"

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