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How to study

By Unknown - Friday, October 4, 2013 2 Comments

How to study:

So you might have heard this from other people as well but usmle has more to do with dedicated and hard work than intelligence, and i agree.

So to organize everything I will divide the studying into stages and what stage can be accomplished best at what level.

  1. Understanding concepts and familiarizing yourself with the material
  2. Second read, starting the Questions, memorizing.
    • I recommend a second quick read of Kaplan, since most of the things will be forgotten and at this point, you start comparing your kaplan notes to First Aid, to know the important stuff and start focusing on that and memorizing the points.
    • At the same time focusing on Questions to know what you are studying is actually being absorbed and you are not missing out some skipping important things.
    • This will also help you realize your strong vs weak areas, so you can better direct your review (next point)

  3. Final review, cementing the ideas. 
    • Well, now your confident should be building up and you shouldn't be worried if you weren't getting a lot of questions correct before cause now its your chance to shine. Review everything especially the weak areas and you should be at a good position for step 1.
Ill try to get more into detail about how to focus on each other in the later posts


2 comments to ''How to study "

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