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how to study : Island

By Med stu - Friday, October 11, 2013 2 Comments

how to study : Island

The island is actually a perfect place to get some good studying done but its only possible if we organize ourselves. 
So from my previous post, i would say island is the best time to "Understanding concepts and familiarizing yourself with the material"

Books to take:
- Kaplan lectures notes and videos, which ever you think is more suitable, latest the better more suited for the exam but i dont think it would make a huge difference if you have the older version.

- BRS, and other school recommended books are also good cause it helps you learn the things from the basics, and its better to understand concepts at this moment, those can be found under Things to bring to Island

How to study: 
- Kaplan the best way is to first quickly glance over what you are going to be studying, so when you are watching the video you have a better idea whats going on and can follow better, make good notes and then read the lecture note to fully understand it.
Its long and boring work thats why its best thing to spread it out while staying on the island.


2 comments to ''how to study : Island"

  1. Yes i also agree that we must understand the concept and then familiar with different learning methods. These student guidance is necessary and we must improvise it. So thanks for great tips.

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