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Whats going on ....

By Unknown - Saturday, September 28, 2013 7 Comments
Thank you for all the messages and congrats, and i know there are alot of things going on right now so im going to mention that in this post

Bonaire Campus: 
Honestly speaking, i have no idea whats going on, and i have been so busy with my clinicals that i cant even find more information about it, so if you have more information let me know.
It's pretty annoying though if they ask everyone to move to Anguilla but i guess thats one of the downsides of going to a carribean med school, you have many obstacles in your way, but you have to remember its all you from the beginning to end you cant rely on your school, you have to work hard and pave your own path. And please hold on don't be too quick to transfer cause in the hospital many students have been mentioning how transferring school has a negative impact on your residency application so my recommendation is hold on and see whats happening before jumping ships.

In case you didn't notice, i decided to have a store tab within the website so instead of everyone scrolling and finding the post they can find the books that are needed for school right there so hopefully it makes things easier for everyone

Usmle post:
So ill try to have a detail post on the following topics, if i missed any let me know
  1. how to study
    • Island
    • AICM
    • post AICM before usmle (including subject etc)
  2. Exam
    • how it feels like 
    • what to do on exam day etc etc 
    • ill try cant promise to have a post on how to register and apply for usmle n everything cause honestly the school is no help on these matters
  3. Books 
    • best ones which one to study which one waste of time etc etc
  4. Notes: 
    • Thought honestly mostly it was just books but ill try to find some if i can
  5. Clinicals
    • like i did detailed AICM post ill try to have clinical as well so everyone stays informed

I will try to have an update for you guyz every week for sometime and if i missed something let me know



7 comments to ''Whats going on ...."

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