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Quick note|| Away || Books

By Med stu - Tuesday, July 2, 2013 4 Comments
Hi everyone,
Thank you for reading and sending all the Questions, i gotta apologize i won't be able to reply to any Question for a couple of month due to my busy schedule and i thought i make it public so no one feels like im ignoring.

Most of the information can be found on the SJSM guide  or using the search button.

For SJSM books: http://www.medstulife.com/2011/11/sjsm-book-list-md1.html

My personal recommendation : http://www.medstulife.com/2010/11/books-to-brings-before-coming-md1.html

Anyone interested in buying from amazon Do take advantage of Amazon Prime (30 days trial), you can easily cancel, i personally use it myself and its amazing to get free, fast shipping.
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I will start answer Questions once im a lil free :)



4 comments to ''Quick note|| Away || Books"

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