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Bonaire Campus: whats happening?!

By Unknown - Friday, February 22, 2013 14 Comments
I have been getting some messages about whats happening, and what does it mean for us? In Simple words: I don't know. So the best i can do is share the information that i have, And if anyone has more information please do share in comments or email at medstulife@gmail.com

So i emailed SJSM information and wanted them to answer these Questions:
  • Can you Please tell us whats happening with that bonaire campus? and what scenerios would that lead to?
  • What impact would it have on the upcoming and current students?
  • Also, what impact would it have on students that have graduated from Bonaire campus, that have written the USMLE or yet to write the usmle?
  • what is the school doing to in this situation and what is the reassurance they can provide to the students

But i haven't received a reply yet, although i was able to get a reply from them on facebook and this is what they told me 

We’d just like to reassure everyone that this is not true. Saint James Bonaire is not closing. These rumors are based on our current discussions with the Dutch government regarding our Dutch accreditation. We requested an extension to fulfill some criteria, and they refused. However this does not mean that we will be refused accreditation, or that the School will close. The school is continuing to work hard on obtaining the accreditation and is confident it will do so. In the meantime we’d like to reassure everyone that this in no way affects our ECFMG accreditation or our IMED listing and all students are still eligible to sit USMLE.

SJSM bonaire campus did give a hand out to its students, which you can download and read im posting the link below

So far that's all the information i have been able to obtain from SJSM, other information that i was able to get from students i'll share it below:

An article that i found online. 

One of the student told me that: 

they are currently trying to appeal the decision
and in may they will release the final decision
if the final decision is not in our favor
sjsm will go to court
and when they are in court. it will take 5 yrs to settle
"you will all be doctors by then, no matter what the decision" was their "comforting answer

So that is the information i have so far, if you have anymore information please do share and pass it along. 
Thank you

Med stuLife

14 comments to ''Bonaire Campus: whats happening?!"

  1. thanks for letting us know this much, i am still pretty confuse as to whats going on since SJSM doesn't really give us alot of information

  2. SJSM just lies, it will lie to take your money, and it will like to keep taking your money.
    "hey guys, we had 4 years to improve our facilities, but oops, we didnt. and now these bad NVAO guys want to take away our IMED listing. dont they know that we support the crap island of bonaire? it will only hurt them, hopefully we can use this to our advantage"
    - SJSM Admins

  3. My brother is currently going to SJSM and things do not seem to be going well at the school. Although the school recently met with students to address their issues with the Dutch government, the school didn't seem to have very good answers for anything. Of the ~45 students who started in January 2013, ~15 have already transferred to other schools and more are hoping to transfer soon. Many of the MD2's and MD3's (older med students) have also transferred to other schools. My brother is currently looking to transfer to another school as soon as possible.

    I don't want to blow this out of proportion, but if my brother knew what he was getting into, he would not have gone to SJSM in the first place. Is it possible they will solve their issues with the Dutch gov? Yes. Is it a risk most students are willing to take? Not likely.

    My whole reason for making this comment is because every time I talk to my brother, he is stressed about having to find another school to go to, about wasting thousands of dollars on tuition, and about wasting precious time. I think any student about to go to SJSM should know that a lot of students are fleeing because it appears like the school is not giving direct answers to what they are going to do to solve their issues. Instead of just complying with the rules, the school intends on fighting it with a legal battle.

    With all that said, if this is your only/last shot at medical school, there is still a chance all of this will work out. It is possible everything will be resolved, it's just not guaranteed.

  4. SJSM Bonaire is done! They don't have nor will they get NVAO, they are going to lose their IMED on Oct. 1st. Students are being transferred to Anguilla unless they are smart get out now while they still have a few days. Was a former student, left soon after the February chaos as the school then had been caught in several lies, they continued to lie to students, telling them in April situation had been resolve while other schools i.e. St Eustasius were having the same problem and they moved their campus in August. The school had 3 years to meet requirements or move and they did nothing and kept taking in classes to the bonaire campus even though they knew they would not meet NVAO requirements (they just had 50+ students come in for Sept, they haven't even written their first round of blocks when the announcement was made on monday). Terrible institution, they don't care about you, your future, your education you are just $$$$ to them. Leaving SJ was the best decision I ever made. I am getting a better education and the staff are actually helpful.

  5. yea you are right its the fall back of going to a carribean school esp not the top 4 , anywayz do mention how the transfer was and if u had any problems? but my personal opinion is to wait out and see what happens cause a transfer looks pretty bad on residency application

  6. A transfer is a transfer and all SJ students are being administratively transferred to Anguilla any way so your stuck with a transfer no matter what you do. SJ screwed us all over. They continuously lied and I personally did not want to have any thing else to do with that deceitful institution. Rather transfer up to a better school. As of Oct. 1st (tomorrow) if you are a SJ student you will have a transfer to Anguilla on your record... if you transfer after that then you will have 2 transfers on your record.

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