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Question: AICM and KAPLAN

By Unknown - Wednesday, July 18, 2012 6 Comments

Hey there MedStu,

I'm currently at SJSM in Bonaire. I will be leaving the island in December and hopefully do AICM as soon as I can. I was wondering if I should do Kaplan Live Prep before AICM or after AICM? I feel like time is flying and I need to make these decisions as early as I can. 

Thanks a lot. 

Man for sure After AICM, cause after the course you might feel like u don't even need to take Kaplan course. But even otherwise, AICM will push you to start hard and u will be able to benefit more from Kaplan cause it is a review course 

Hope it helps :)
best wishes

6 comments to ''Question: AICM and KAPLAN"

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