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AICM: Family Medicine

By Unknown - Monday, January 23, 2012 6 Comments
Family medicine is a great rotation, it has many benefits and something that is not too intense especially for students who haven't written their step 1 yet. Also, it gives you a real life look at things, put things into prospective for many students, clinic is something that we all are going to experience in our life and if you end up going into family medicine, it does paint the perfect picture of what to expect.

The schedule is a little different for family, unlike the other rotations family starts at 2 pm, and we are in the hospital till the clinic close which is around 4:30 to 5ish. Nurses take care of the patients initially they will get their file and have the patient seated in the room, as a student mostly the resident will ask us to go in, take the history for the patient, ask about the chief complaint... etc., so that's why its important to learn good history taking skills from the PDI class, even if you feel its a little late for that the hospital will provide you with a handout follow that and you will be fine.
After the history, we present the history to the doctor who will get all the information from you what he/she needs, then will accompany you in the room. Usually the patients who come to the clinic are not complicated cases, so it gives us students a great opportunity to apply our knowledge, and be able to diagnose the problem. You help the residents around the clinic for most of the day, and that's pretty much it.

Overall, most people really seem to enjoy it family medicine rotation.

best of luck :)

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6 comments to ''AICM: Family Medicine"

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