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Rotation: Surgery

By Med stu - Monday, December 12, 2011 6 Comments

So my first rotation is surgery, and today was my 1st day in clinic, i was really excited but everything came trembling down when i got there.  We were told to be there at 7, but we got there at 6:30 cuz we were told we had to scrub down and prepare for surgery. We got there sat for around 3.5 hour, we tried asking for the doctors no response we found one doctor that was on our list, he just told us to go sit in the waiting room, when we went to the nurses after 3 hour of waiting no one showing anything doctor not showing up, we were informed there are no more surgeries today.

We were given no instructions, no information no nothing, some information that we got were from other students we knew who were walking here and there most of them aimlessly, was a TOTAL WASTE OF DAY!!!. So you can understand our frustration, near the end after so much asking around someone told us to get scrubs but when we tried to the nurse said who is our leader, and we didn't know cause no one told us anything. Near the end of 3.5 hour asking around we found the resident who was the leader, he wasn't even there before and never said anything when he got to the surgery place. And he just told us to go home for today and come tomorrow ......  So we signed in for showing up down with the AICM co-inordinate and left.
Lets hope things get better .... cause otherwise this is a waste of our time and money.

Also, one thing we realized, the doctors don't really want us there, we were completely invisible to most of the staff who were busy with their own things; so you have to do everything on your own.

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6 comments to ''Rotation: Surgery"

  1. The doctors dont want u there but the hospital wants u there bcz the students money pays for a lot of things. Surgery is the only rotations where ur not going to do anything bcz there is no one to guide you.

  2. Yea i noticed that very quickly the doctors really don't want u there, well i got something out of surgery so i was glad

  3. They look down on AICM/5th Semester students because most of them don't know anything because they came out straight from Bonaire/Anguilla and plus they haven't taken Step 1 so, that's another reason.

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