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AICM: Surgery rotation (summary)

By Unknown - Thursday, December 15, 2011 6 Comments
So we had surgery rotation for 3 days, have to say the 1st two days were really disappointing and we just sat around and wasted our time but the 3rd day was amazing. There was a surgery of a gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy) which we were so lucky to be able to see from within the operating room as medical students. It was the best experience ever, was amazing to see how the doctors were so precise and they are just amazing, I really can't praise the surgeons enough.
Its one thing when you see an anatomical picture of a abdomen but seeing from within its so hard (for us students) to identify anything and it was amazing to see how the surgeon, nurses and everything assisting did an amazing job.

So that was my day 3, it started and we weren't really expecting much to happen but we asked some of the clinical intern if they can get us some experience so they told us then about the incoming surgeries listed today and then we divided among ourselves (cuz only 2 students are allowed to see ) the surgeries. So its not as simple as just going to the operating room and standing there, we have to properly scrub up first (they will show you a video on how to do that properly and make you sign that you know how). You can't wear the regular scrubs, you have to get surgical scrubs from the nurses, then remove all outside cloths and change into surgical scrubs, and for men who have some facial hair you have to wear another thing to cover the facial hair. Everyone in the room is properly scrubbed in and wearing surgical mask.
When the surgery starts you stand far away from the patient and out of the way, so we basically stood in one corner where we would not bother anyone; so what we see is the tv monitors which are showing the camera the doctors are using to do the surgery.

Word of advice: This was our first rotation so we didn't know what was going on and how to get the experience, but the main thing is doctors are busy we cant bug them so advice to everyone who is reading this and will be starting the clinicals in 5th semester, you have to go ask the residents or students doing clinicals cause they can help you, no one else will help you with anything, you are barely given any information to know what you are suppose to do, basically you are just set loose in the hospital and its up to you how much experience you can get and what you can learn.

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6 comments to ''AICM: Surgery rotation (summary)"

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