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AICM: OB/GYN (summary)

By Med stu - Thursday, December 22, 2011 4 Comments
So with our second week ending we are starting to get a hang of how things work in the hospital so basically no one really wants you there and you have to figure everything out for yourself. Well lets hope this blog helps all the future student so you can better utilize your time

So the week started off really slow as usual, the attending doctor was not there so we were going to follow a resident but we could not find the OB resident and we just hanged in the Inter Medicine, Anywayz after much struggle we were able to find out there is a OB/GYN department on the 3rd floor of JPH and advice to next students you should go there and most likely you will find a resident or someone there you could follow and who can advice you.

Usually there aren't many patients so we didn't really see anything, there was one patient who just had delivery on our second day, we didn't get to assist or observe anything but the resident was really nice and he discussed the case with us, but most of the last week we just wasted our time walking around the hospital.

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4 comments to ''AICM: OB/GYN (summary)"

  1. when you're in AICM clinicals most of the rotations except Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Internal Medicine area waste of time because you don't get to do anything. In Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and Surgery you can't do much.

  2. I have heard the same... well Internal medicine is next lets see how it goes

  3. Nice post and keep always update, i like your blog.