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A medical students best friend!

By Unknown - Sunday, October 16, 2011 5 Comments
Well I have been doing my review course for almost 15 days now, and have talked to some people who wrote their usmle and did great, and also who didn't do well one thing they could change was focus more on this BOOK. Also, people have asked me what would they suggest we should do before we start AICM, due to lack of time i can't make a long post, i will soon (fingers crossed)

Anywayz about this book, i call it Medical students best friend and the book is no other than "FIRST AID" , and i recently found that if you pre - order you get it at a very good price thats why im making this post so other who are looking to buy it do so. (posted the link below)

Before, everyone runs and buy the book, please remember this is a review book, so if you don't know the basic then it won't really be much of a help, its only helpful after you know the subject then its best book to review and has been very helpful in doing well on the USMLE. So please use your time and money wisely, and the reason i am saying this cause i just recently heard someone got 99 (or atleast close to 99) as i heard, on their step 1 and that person did their basic science from SJSM in bonaire too. So it is possible all it need is the right tool and the hard work :)

best wishes to everyone
Med stu life


5 comments to ''A medical students best friend!"

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