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Chicago ! i am here

By Unknown - Friday, October 7, 2011 7 Comments

hey, I was away for a while, so sorry to everyone who emailed me and i could not reply back on time.  Just so glad to be out of Bonaire, now in Chicago.  USMLE seems so near now, its like sitting on top of our heads, and study has been really tough. I will get some pictures of Jackson Park hospital later, but this is a quick snap i  took while paying for the drug test. 

I started a week ago, 1st day we had our orientation which was mostly just sitting around we got to see the hospital a little bit, paid for our drug test (which is yet to be done ... ), met with the AICM advisors from st. James.  One big reminder, when everyone tells you area around the hospital isn't very safe, they aren't joking, its not the safest place, 

5th semester is divided into two parts, 1st one being Advanced Preclinical Review Program (APRP) and the 2nd one being the real AICM. So for the 1st 8 week, we are going through some serious intense review and as soon as our second day started we knew right away this isn't bonaire anymore. So now the real study starts and the work load is huge.

Today, we wrote our 1st assessment exam, and the results weren't that great. I will write more about the AICM and the assessment exam later and try to keep everyone up to date. 

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7 comments to ''Chicago ! i am here"

  1. "Today, we wrote our 1st assessment exam, and the results weren't that great." That's common from anyone who graduated from Basic Sciences from Bonaire...

  2. yea it was true for the majority, some people did study alot on their own and im sure they did well ....

  3. Not really...people who I know who studied well...did not do that well in the assessment test right after Bonaire

  4. it wasn't true for our class some ppl got like 200 in the 3 digit score

  5. I graduated But when I Passed 4th semester there was no 5th, its good that they did this, but NBME is way better than Exam Master.
    USMLE world Q bank is the best by far. Wish me luck in the Match this year

  6. Studying for the USMLE is reading and review but a lot of time should be spent doing online USMLE world Q's, trust me you learn a lot from getting them right and wrong! Kaplan Q's are the second best, then USMLERX, all the other banks are behind the curve.

  7. When I went back to home I just wanted to find something that could symbolize USMLE world and kiss it. Not only the content of the real thing is very similar to USMLE world'

    gre study help