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AICM / 5th semester

By Med stu - Friday, October 21, 2011 3 Comments
Today was the end of the 3rd week of AICM, so far we have been doing reviewing. The classes are great, the teachers are very knowledgeable and they give you exactly what you need to know for USMLE; the pointer that they give is very useful for answering questions but still not many people are able to take advantage and now many of the people have started to skip or leave early. Its not the fault of the teachers or the program, the problem is simple, Most people don't have the strong Base or knowledge to benefit from the review course.
Just to avoid having one big post, i'll make two post, let me explain the what have been happening so far then i can explain in the other post how to better prepare yourself.

JACKSON Park Hospital
So just to let started, this is a picture of Jackson Park hospital, sorry couldn't get the whole hospital, there is staples, wal green and some other grocery shopping place around it, we had no problem with any security so far, in the daytime things are usually safe.

 This is our classroom, we start at 8 am and classes go till 2 pm, we usually have a 10 min break after every hour and a 30 min lunch break in between. Class size is mostly around 30-40 students (estimate); majority of the students are from SJSM (Bonaire and Anguilla) and there are some from Atlantic university.

We are learning mostly based on organ system, slides are provided by the teachers which can be easily obtained from the program website, and the course is very fast paced, so time goes by very fast. We have different teachers for different subject and after the end of each subject there are exam master exam usually between 40-50 Q, which are taken online at your own time. So far the course is very good, but its not very useful without having the basic knowledge, its a review course and you can only review the subject when you already have the knowledge which most of the people coming out of Bonaire don't have so then this ends up serving as another 4 month wasted. So to take best advantage of this course you need to come prepared, I have provided some tips which I think would have benefited me in this post: Preparation for Usmle and AICM


3 comments to ''AICM / 5th semester"

  1. Hi, thanks for the information. What is the course website? I want the latest information regarding q-bank and how many q's you need to do daily? Thanks

  2. im not sure they have a course website or maybe search online but definitely if you follow SJSM newsletter they update you with the things

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