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After Basic science ....what happens

By Unknown - Sunday, October 9, 2011 9 Comments
In bonaire, you hear many things, and most of them are mostly rumors so i wanted to give information that is current up to date and what i recently was told by SJSM AICM co-ordination who came to our 5th semester Orientation.

It is mandatory to do the 5th semester for anyone who finishes his basic science, and this applies to everyone now. I have seen some student who left Bonaire almost a year ago but didn't write their USMLE now they are here in Chicago doing their 5th semester, so its a must for everyone. Once you start your 5th semester, you join review classes ( schedule is given) and within the first week for us, we had to write a evaluation exam. In the past most of the people were writing NBME but now they have changed it to USMLE assessment exam 1, which cost around $30 that you have to pay from your own pocket. You need a 3 digit score of 180 to pass this if you are unable to get that you have to write another retake for Exam master, thats' what we are told so far. After that you continue your review course for 8 weeks followed by 8 weeks of clinical rotation the schedule is given to you prior to starting your 5th semester so you know what to expect. Then at the end of 16 weeks you do the evaluation again, this gives them an idea of how much you improved. Also, while in the review you are given exam master test after each topic is covered, like we covered behavior science so we have 2 test for that.

After finishing AICM, you have to write NBME and exam master; these two have to written within 30 days of each other, and in NBME you need a score of 650 and in exam master you need 75%. Now the coordinator suggested we write Exam master first and NBME second; reason being cause you have to call the school to set up to write exam master, which can only be taken on a tuesday and thursday ( i think ...) and if you don't pass you can't write exam master for another 2 weeks, so if you pass NBME then fail Exam master you would only have 2 chances to pass it otherwise you would have to take NBME again. But if you do Exam master 1st, then NBME can be written any day, with no wait in between exam.

It is important to clear NBME & Exam master and give the score to the school so they can validate you to write USMLE step 1. Rest is same old, you pass usmle step 1, do clinicals, pass your step 2 in between and apply for residency in your final year.

Hope this clear up some rumors going around and gives everyone an insight on what to expect.

Best Wishes
Med Stu Life 

9 comments to ''After Basic science ....what happens"

  1. Thank you for this valuable information regarding AICM. I am currently MD1 student in Bonaire. Although I have a long way to go for 5th semester, reading your post does calm me down and prepare me ahead. I read your blog before coming down to the island and it has been highly helpful for what to pack, housing, etc. Already, we are in the 6th week of semester. Classes are going fast and I did well in 1st Block exam. Hope to keep this momentum going. I wish you the best in AICM.

  2. The time will go by fast and before you know it you will be out of Bonaire :) keep working hard and it will pay off, and thank u for comments and wish you the best as well :)

  3. If you are in MD1 then when you get to MD3 make sure you doing USMLE world Questions by then
    If you get through the Q bank by the time you get to MD5 then you should be in decent shape.
    650 on NBME is a very good score Higher than I ever got, I think my best was around 600

  4. Well im in MD 5 now ... and we wrote USMLE world assessment exam, thats the only Usmle world q bank we have done, thank u for the advice thou, i know others will benefit for sure

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