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MD 4 Final Exams

By Unknown - Saturday, August 13, 2011 8 Comments
Well, i gotto be honest with you, time flies, although it doesn't look like that when you first land on the island, and you start counting the days you have left till you can get back to "civilization". The first day I landed on the island, I felt like i just wanted to go back, i know many other people who have encountered the same thing, and after looking at the school i felt even more down. I guess my expectations were very different, so I felt down.              Although, that was the initial reaction things turn good when you meet your senior and classmates, it makes you feel more at home, and once you find yourself a place, you start to know the island, you tell yourself "meh it aint so bad" but still deep down you want to finish fast and go back.

So I'm going to honestly tell you, don't focus on things like how the school building looks? how the island is? how much you miss home? Just set yourself a goal that you are here to study and work hard to pass all the classes, so you can get out of here in a timely manner, and your time will come. Once you develop a routine of studying, going to school and hanging out, just chilling things will change somewhat, and before you know it you will be in MD 4 and looking forward to getting off the island. So Don't feel down if its Md 1 just work hard and before you know it, you will be saying as well " I MADE IT"

I got my final exams for MD 4 coming next week, so lets hope i make it pass them so i can finish my 16 months on the island and get outta here !

Best of luck to everyone !

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8 comments to ''MD 4 Final Exams"

  1. Thank you for your post. Reading your message provides great comfort and attitude towards facing the island. I will be starting MD 1 on the island this september, looking forward to the classes. I did not find housing yet, going to stay in a hotel then look around for places. Just wanted to know, if it's not too much of a hassle for you, are there any good places available for housing? Low rent if possible? Best wishes with your final exams.

  2. Most of the places list they send you, other its best if you go to SJSM student groups on facebook and contact local students, i'll try to see if i can find some information and make a post regarding it
    and ur most welcome :)

  3. Thank you for the tips. I will try Facebook. Mainly, I was planning on staying at a hotel for a few days and then look for a place. Since the 4th semester students leave, I assume their places might open up right? Since you will be leaving the island soon, would your place open up if possible? I was wondering what the average rent would be? I hope you don't mind my questions, sorry for the trouble. But, I do read your blog and found all your recommendations highly valuable. Especially, what to bring to the island for a first timer like me.

  4. no problem im glad to help, here is a small post to help with the expenses, rent might be lower now depending on the place and since Xavier moved prices went down


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