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SJSM Student Portal *SJSM Update*

By Med stu - Sunday, July 24, 2011 1 Comment
There is good news for all the Students, a small upgrade on behalf of SJSM but it makes the school look alot more professional and shows how the school is moving forward. The New feature that has recently been added for the students is a SJSM student portal, every students get their own username and password, which they can use to log into their Student Portal.
The Portal helps you

  • Check Grades
  • Tuition fee status
  • GPA
  • Annoucenements
  • and more
In my opinion it puts alot more professional impact on the school and gives student the ease of access for having everything available online and not worry about losing papers.

Looking forward to enjoying this feature =)

1 comment to ''SJSM Student Portal *SJSM Update*"