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New Lab & Equipment's

By Med stu - Tuesday, July 5, 2011 3 Comments
Well i got good news for all the current and upcoming students, SJSM has done it, they officially have a lab with good microscope that allow you to see histology images of actual samples (before it was just slide show). Its not just for histology but for pathology, as well, hopefully they can include microbiology too which would be amazing.

This really is a big leap because as many people will be aware of USMLE has many questions with pictures, now that with actual microscope you can see the pictures and fully understand the concept.

Also, they have new things for PDI class, we have yet to use the main equipment like the ECG machine or test dummies, which are great cause you can program them to show symptoms of actual diseases which will help you do a lot better in clinical's and also on USMLE.

So best of luck to all SJSM students hope your as excited as we are ;)

3 comments to ''New Lab & Equipment's"

  1. Too bad histology class is still a powerpoint slide show.

  2. really good news for the coming years students as they will operate the new lab equipments which everyone wants.
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  3. wao its great update for all students.I think we have to work more on our labs betterment and equipments standard and for this we need to read more on internet to get better ideas.