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MD 4 not the same ....

By Med stu - Thursday, July 7, 2011 2 Comments
Previously, MD 4 used to be a breeze just chilling, not doing much just studying on your own, that's how previous classes were, cause no one took MD 4 seriously and the teachers were nice to let the students slack off and enjoy their last 4 months on the island....

        BUT now things have changed even in MD 4, you can say its good cause now the students are being forced to study again instead of slacking off, but not everyone likes it especially those students who were doing so well studying on their own. Too much relaxing was making everyone lazy so personally it's a good thing to force everyone to push through another 4 more months of hard work and realize there is  no relaxatioin till you pass MD 4.

So to all the students who were looking forward to MD 4 so they can catch up on their sleep and go to class at 10 o clock , the new PDI teacher Ms. Branca starts her class at 8 o clock with the rest of the students so no more relaxing just more studying ....

2 comments to ''MD 4 not the same ...."

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