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Living near New Campus

By Unknown - Friday, July 22, 2011 6 Comments
I have read your blog and it has been very helpful. Thanks for your honesty and the great tips.
I am looking for housing and I see that you mentioned that we should see the place before renting...Well I am not going to be able to make it there until two days before school starts so I am worried that all the "good" and affordable housing will be gone. Should I get something lined-up before I land on the Island due to my tight schedule?
Also, I was wondering where exactly the new campus is and if I should look for housing near the new campus? I will not have a car and I do not want to be a total slave to the bus system which I understand only goes out twice per day and returns at the end of the day - What time would that be anyhow?
Thanks so much!

thats a tough call but ill try to give you what i think would be best, i think its best to contact a real estate agency and ask them to find you a place they might be a lil expensive but they are somewhat reliable and they can send you pictures too so atleast gives you some idea what you are going for and please make sure you dont get stuck into a big contract.

Living near the new campus is nice and all but the problem is that its far away from all the facilities like grocery stores, banks, and also from majority of the population. So its a problem when you want to buy something or go somewhere. If you decide to be in the city near the old campus, the bus comes morning n evenning plus most of the times the students with cars will give ride to others our school is very friendly so many times you dont even have to wait for the bus to come. 

Hope it helps 
best wishes
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6 comments to ''Living near New Campus"

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