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Is Schools in Caribbean reliable?

By Unknown - Tuesday, June 7, 2011 6 Comments
I reside in Canada and wish to come back here and practice. However some people that have sent their children to the Caribbean to study have stressed that attending schools like sjsm or any carib. School is not good. The reason they gave was how the school takes your money and because we are not American or Canadian born, we don’t receive spots to practice they just end up weeding us out. This is really stressing. I don’t get what to do? But your currently there and I want to know what your opinion is. Will I be left empty handed if I attend such a school? 

hey :) sorry about the delay in response ill try my best to answer ur Q

1st of all there is a order of preference which goes like US medical student, US International medical graduates , Canadian international medical graduates and then International medical graduate

The foremost thing is your step 1 and step 2 marks, if you have good high 90's than that thing shouldn't even be a prb but if its low and you got a big competition then it becomes a prb, and since with the carribean school you get a chance to do ur clinicals in the US itself it serves as a big advantage towards finding residency

i think this post would be very helpful for you


this person did get a residency in canada and ppl do every year so its not impossible but i have heard its harder to get a residency in Canada, compared to the states due to Canadian policies its best to ask wat the Canadian medical board requirement are and get full information from them 

hope it helps :)

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6 comments to ''Is Schools in Caribbean reliable?"

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