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By Med stu - Sunday, June 26, 2011 1 Comment
Hi, I recently found your blog, and I thought maybe you could give me some advice and tips since I'll be starting at SJSM in Sept. 2011. Well, I'm really worried bc it seems sooo boring and tiny  but I feel soo lost!!!! Is there anything you can tell me that you wish somebody had told you to bring or do or whatever! ANY TIPS/ADVICE ARE VERY WELCOME!!!! lol thanks!!!!!

lol honestly not 100% sure wat to tell you, its pretty boring down here, you can make it interesting by hanging out with friends, go to beach, go scuba diving, wind surfing, ocean viewing. So there is alot of things to do but if you serious about your studies then basically most of the time you study which is what we are here for so its not a bad thing, so your best bet is study as hard as u can on this island and then enjoy ur time once ur back in the states. 

here is a small post which might give u an idea 

wish you the best
Med Stu LIfe

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