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MD 4 ... finally here

By Unknown - Thursday, May 26, 2011 9 Comments
So its almost the end of MD 4 and honestly, this semester is very confusing. First of all we got 3 courses which makes it easier on the study load but then I feel the lack of motivation that i felt from Md 1 to Md 3 to study hard. I am although not very happy with the choice of our Systemic Pathology teacher, he is a very knowledge guy, but he is unable to convey his knowledge, which makes it hard to understand why would he be teaching us the most important subject for USMLE step 1.

So far, going to classes seems like a waste of time and its better to get the gears ready for real USMLE step 1 preparation, try to get all the books start with the basics work the way to kaplan and then first aid to do well on USMLE thats the goal everyone in MD 4 is aiming for to study for USMLE as much as possible before leaving the island.

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Best of luck
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9 comments to ''MD 4 ... finally here"

  1. Hello! Sometimes you can find correlation between the content in classes and the USMLE. For example, while you are doing systemic Path, review the Gross Anatomy, Embryology and Histology related to each organ system as an introduction to understanding diseases that affect that organ. When you reach Neuropathology, that's when you review neuroanatomy. You can also link in the physiology of organs in the same way.

    Once you begin your USMLE prep, incorporate content review, question strategy and practice simulation for the best success!

    Good luck!

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  3. I am sorry to say that the school is a joke. They don't prepare you for the USMLE and the 5th semester is another joke since you will be wasting your time doing exam master questions that are pointless. Then when you are done with the 5th semester you find out that you wasted your time waiting around the hospital when you could have been studying for the USMLE!!!!

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