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Can we get cheated?

By Med stu - Tuesday, May 31, 2011 No Comments
Hey ...hope you are doing fine...I have a very important question and i hope that you can help me..so i am plannin to start my MD in sjsm this fall....but i keep hearing rumours that people get cheated from carribean medical schools and they couldnt get clinicals and residency and stuff...which is kind of scaring me Since you are already doing ur MD in sjsm ..i think u can help me out..do you think it is possible to complete the MD program with clinicals and everything or do u think its a bad idea to join sjsm..
i would really appreciate your help..as you know it is a big decision and i'm kind of scared

hey sorry about the delay in replying ok i'll try my best to answer all ur Q

the thing is that there have been people who got into clinicals and have gotten residency thru SJSM its not impossible but its not easy either you have to work hard to get residency but inorder ot be a doctor you have to work hard thats just given so if you are willing to work hard no one can stop you even if the school doesn't give u 100% info abt USMLE u can do really well due to the amount of resources available online

check out the graduates section it will help you out


and also check out how to get residency :)

hope it helps best of luck

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