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Words from SJSM graduate!

By Unknown - Friday, April 8, 2011 29 Comments
Hey, just want to share this exciting post, I read it on a forum (valuemed) and someone was able to get in touch with one of the sjsm graduates, The person put everything in great details and answered the question well plus gives you a amazing picture of the St James school of medicine
source; http://www.valuemd.com/st-james-medical-school/210513-wisdom-sjsm-graduate.html

Thank you for contacting me regarding SJSM! 

I was student coordinator both on the island and in Chicago for clinical rotations so I have collected and distributed tons of info for students in the past. Although a graduate of SJSM I continue to provide resources to students 24/7 with pleasure!! 

I am currently a resident family physician in Winnipeg, Canada.

Below are some details I prepared for previous students who have asked me the same questions (save this e-mail for future reference):

1. SJSM’s reputation has been building over the last 10 years and the school is growing in student body and resources.

2. Many students have obtained residencies (in the US mostly, with a few in Canada) and many more are matching as we speak!

3. The school is 100% legit. It gives you a fast and cheap way to write the USMLE step 1 so you can begin clinical rotations.

4. After your 4 years of med school, you get an M.D. designation and you can apply for residency in the US and Canada, and depending on your scores and references… you should be able to match.

5. The photos you see on the website are actually of the school. It’s not much to look at. A simple—bare minimum facility that has what you need: rooms with desks, internet access, powerpoint presentations, anatomy labs with cadavers, student lounge, library…etc. It’s nothing like any school you have been to—so prepare slightly lower expectations when it comes to the school’s architecture and design! It gets the job done however!

6. The teachers are slightly different from when I was there.. but generally, the only problem you may have with some of them is understanding their accents! They are all qualified to teach, very bright and friendly.

7. As for academic material, the school will prepare you for about 70% of what you need for the USMLE step 1 exam. The rest you will need to fill in with either Kaplan, PASS, USMLEWORLD or self-study. 

8. For now… the links you should familiarize yourself with are:

a. ECFMG® | Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

b. United States Medical Licensing Examination®

9. In terms of prepping for basic sciences, I have tones of advice for you (which I recommend we discuss over the phone). Some useful links can be found at:

a. General info for each subject: Medical Student | Medical Education | Medical Textbook | Medical School | - MedicalStudent.com: A digital library of authoritative medical information for the medical student and all students of medicine

b. Ways to help memorize concepts: Medical Mnemonics .com: World's Database of Medical Mnemonics

c. Animations: All Medical Animations ; 3D Medical Animation Library

29 comments to ''Words from SJSM graduate!"

  1. I am interested in working in the state of Texas and was wondering how hard the licensure was there? Do you know if any graduates of SJSM work in Texas?

  2. Hi, that's something you would have to call the administration about, i don't have the information, and i don't really know anyone personally who is working in Texas from SJSM.

  3. Hello and thanks for this informative blog.
    I just wanted to post this out there for anyone starting in May 2012 who may be interested in having a room mate, am Canadian, female.

  4. this is amazing. I have been reading everywhere negative comments about getting residency and practicing in Canada after getting MD from a Caribbean school. I was almost at the edge of loosing hope and changing career option. But this is great. I am applying for sep 2013 next month. wish me good luck!

  5. I would love to hear more about how you made it back to Canada - sort of the process and time period. I am from New Brunswick and hope to return home! I am starting rotations in Chicago in November.

    1. Hey Rosie: Are you able to do your get home to NB.. That is my big question as I'm from NB as well and would want to come home to practice.


  6. Hi Rosie:

    Did you make it back to NB yet? I'm considering SJSM for Sept 2015.. Any info would be great.. Thanks

  7. I was looking to apply for this upcoming May but have had some mixed feelings based on the reviews I've seen from other students. I have a low science gpa and was wondering what yours was going into it and if you felt prepared once you got there? Also was it difficult to find a residency after your fourth year? Thanks in advance!

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