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SJSM Graduate Interview

By Unknown - Saturday, April 30, 2011 9 Comments
I bring this exciting post for all the SJSM students, I was able to get in contact with one of the graduates of SJSM who just got matched into residency, if you look carefully you can easily spot her as : 

7.     Misbba Khan, Internal Medicine, Louisiana

on the recent Residency Match 2011 list. 

Her words are like gold to all of us students here and a great encouragement to keep working hard and have our faith in SJSM which will help us achieve our goal in becoming MD's one day and we really appreciate her taking time to let us know how she was able to achieve her goal and get residency.
well, the bottom line in getting a residency is: No 1. step 1 score, the higher the better to be a competitive applicant a score above 90s. No. 2. is your step 2CK score also above 90s, will grantees you a residency. step 2 CS is only pass or fail, and its a very easy exam to pass. the worst thing that can happen that will definitely decrease your chances of getting a residency is failing an exam, its better to take extra time to take step 1 and 2 and get a decent score which would be >85% then to rush and fail an exam or get a border line passing score. There fore, rely heavily on NBMEs to let you know if you are ready to take the exam or not. my material for studying step 1: uw, goljan book/audio, first aid. Step 2 study material: uw, and a little bit of kaplan books/ step 2 secrets.
good luck

On asking her views on SJSM: 

The school is doing good in getting graduates into residency ,this year 22 applied for residency spots and 19 matched ( 7 prematches !) , so if ur usmle scores are good you should hve no trouble with residency .yes clinicals are set up the day you pass your step 1 and i dint have to wait at all for my clinicals as all were scheduled one after another.

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9 comments to ''SJSM Graduate Interview"

  1. Wow, amazing, this is an excellent source of encouragement. I will be attending SJSM this fall and am highly encouraged with this news to succeed and do well. Thank you so much for posting this on your blog.

  2. Hi, I read your post and I am from Louisiana. I am very interested in attending SJSM. Do you have her contact that I may contact her about some question? if so could you email me at tngu11@yahoo.com.


  3. HI,
    Actually i cant give out personal information about her, since she might not appreciate that its best to contact the school maybe they can give you some information about SJSM graduates to help answer your Questions :)

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