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Residency Match 2011 is it accurate?

By Unknown - Thursday, April 7, 2011 3 Comments
Hey again,

Hope all is well. I glanced over the sjsm 2011 match. And as always very impressed and hopeful. Although, even after full blown MD1 tuition paid, i guess I am still skeptical about my own future. And words of wisdom would help a lot. No match list (from any school for that matter) ever seem to let us know out of how many students. I guess I am searching for a peace of mind and sure is open for any comments. I am assuming that 60 students started off and only 20 came out the other end. I am sure you get these questions a lot. But like I said, it's for a peace of mind. To be honest, It's frightening you know? Anyway, are these match list accurate? Or are these lists composed of only students who decided to let people know. What I really wanted to ask was, might be a personal/personal opinion question, but what happens to all the students who don't get residencies placements? Have you ever heard back from those students? Did they try again, that sort of thing.



honestly u r not the 1st one to think like this, i went thru the same thoughts, even on the last day you feelunsure, but in all honesty you have to take this as a big chance, i cant or no one can guarentee you 100% you will be a MD only yourself can, if you know and can determine urself to work hard then nothing can stop you from becomming a doctor, it doesn't matter what you study where you study, even if the school doesn't teach you anything there are so many resources online video lectures, Kaplan which can help you ace USMLE step 1 but the main thing is actually dedicating urself to doing well, thats wat the real thing is. 

I am not sure about the accuracy of the match list, i never met those people personally or know them i just use them to satisfy myself for the time being, and the latest students i knwo they are in MD 5 , so i dont know anyone who has applied to residency from this school personally only one person i know personally whos sis went thru sjsm and just got her residency. 

Just trust urself, the school is not that bad, their education standard might not be the same as US but u just have to dedicate and work hard 

thx for reading the blog 
please do tell others as well

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3 comments to ''Residency Match 2011 is it accurate?"

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