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People per cadaver, screen size and more

By Unknown - Friday, April 8, 2011 6 Comments
Hi, medstulife, , I am from Louisiana preparing my application for St. James School of Medicine.  I have read your blogs on your website.  I'm very interested in the school but I wanted some more information regarding simpler things.

How many students to one cadaver in the anatomy lab?

I noticed on the website that the board is small, especially for someone who would be stuck in the back of the room.  Have they improved any of their seating or have gotten larger boards?  That may not be that big of a deal, I just though I would ask.  

This may be personal so you don't have to answer this question.  Why did you choose St. James over other medical schools?  I am choosing St. James because they are giving me a chance to fulfill my dream in becoming a physician.  Funny thing is I want to become a surgeon but maybe this not not the best school for me to do that.  I'm sure every medical school (U.S., Caribbean, and Canadian) give you the grounds to get you where you need to go but it falls back on you to get where you want to be.  No matter if I went to LSU SOM or Harvard, I would still have to bust tail and study just like the current students at St. James.  

I think the blogs you have made are great and keep them up.  One more thing, what kind of physician do you plan on being?


hey, hope everything is good

NO problem , ill try my best to answer your Questions, sorry if they are short cuz i got alot of school work hope u understnad

# of students per cadaver depend on the class size for us we had 22 students we all used same cadaver, it was groups of 4, and 2 groups at a time on each side of the cadaver 

The board is big now that has changed, they got good size projectors now with board for writing so you dont have to worry about that..

i wrote an explanation here why SJSM 

bro the bottom line is anywhere you go u have to study really hard, and same here if you study hard nothign is impossible to achieve but the main thing is you have to study really hard and make sure you stay on top of everything and utilize all the resources that are available to you :)

best of luck 
med stu life

6 comments to ''People per cadaver, screen size and more"

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