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How does SJSM Pass Rate compare to other schools

By Unknown - Friday, April 15, 2011 5 Comments

Hey, i know alot of people look into USMLE step 1 passing rate when joining the school; Found this great table so I added SJSM to it and shared it.

I have been told different number about SJSM  pass rate, when i started and over the course i have been here, I took what i knew from students and forums and posted it below. 

Hope it helps 

How Do Schools Compare in First Time Pass Rate?

SJSM (students)1st attempt 44%
2nd 92%
(Admission office + Administration)

US MD94%

Non-US Overall73%

5 comments to ''How does SJSM Pass Rate compare to other schools"

  1. If I understand this chart correctly the 1st time pass rate is only 44% at sjsm were all other carribean schools are in the 90% range??
    That isn't a very good comparison. Am i reading this right?

  2. See when i came to the school there were many different figures floating around, that's why i provided the two that had a credible source, 1st one what students said which was 44% and administration gave different number ranging from 60-70%, other carribean school listed are the top Carribean school if you can get into those they should be your first choice otherwise there are many carribean schools with similar figures, thats just the reality

  3. The other schools make you pass a test similar to the usmle before you are even allowed to take the actual usmle. Thus, the 90% figures aren't exactly accurate - those who dont pass the school's own "pre-test" aren't even able to take the usmle.

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