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Thoughts on Anguilla Campus

By Unknown - Saturday, March 26, 2011 4 Comments
Hey, i know alot of the students are going to Anguilla campus but since im at Bonaire, I can't provide much help regarding Anguilla.
But i got intouch with one of the students at the Anguilla campus and this is what he said about the Anguilla Campus and Lifestyle.

(Rest provided by Rahul Parupalli from Anguilla campus)
The Island is very nice to live on. Some people might have a little trouble with the heat (the school is air conditioned), but most places have A/C and ceiling fans work just fine. The infrastructure on the Island isn't well developed, but the locals tell me that is how they like it. Everyone is super-friendly here and even give you rides if you are walking down the road.

As for the classes, they are tough and this is Medicale School so it is no joke. For MD1, the new Histology teacher, Dr. O, is an amazing professor (one of the best I ever had). He also assists in Anatomy lab and truly tries to help you learn. Dr. S (also the dean) teaches anatomy and he is a very knowledgeable professor. He explains everything real well, and it is really easy to give him your complete focus when he teaches. Dr. V teaches embryology and again, she does a really nice job. The exams are fair (there are a couple A's, most people get B's and C's and couple people get F's (below 70% avg)) and everyone is serious about learning.

It won't be like how you are used to though. Things on the Island here are a lot slower than back home. People take their sweet time (especially at the phone company), but you should be fine.
Hope this gives you a general idea and answers some Question regarding the other campus as well, if you are from the Anguilla campus and would like to share please email me at 

Sincere, thanks and appreciation for Rahul Parupilla for Sharing this with us.

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4 comments to ''Thoughts on Anguilla Campus"

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