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something I realized

By Unknown - Tuesday, March 29, 2011 No Comments
In Md 1 and Md 2 , i used to think its so much to study this is so tough but honestly speaking till you get to MD 3 you have  no idea what hard work is, MD 3 is when it really starts people who have been getting 100% all the way through MD 1 and MD 2, they are struggling sometimes to just pass the course and relying on the curve to get them over the passing boundary.

This exam this time were really tough, all the courses had alot of material, so much to study, but being a medical doctor is tough and we all have to realize this is a med school and even if you study 24 hour it doesn't seem like you have studied enough but the most important thing is to know quality vs quantity, some student might study 6-8 hour and still do really well while others will sleep 2-3 hour and study the rest of time and still barely make it across. The important to know is everyone has to develop ways to utilize their time properly and get the most out of the studying.

Best of luck to the future students make sure you are prepared to study really hard....

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