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New Rule/Rumor

By Unknown - Thursday, March 17, 2011 2 Comments
This is a big news going around in our school these days, we have heard or been told that Chicago office at SJSM is implementing a new rule.

According to the new rule, you basically pay for semester 5, 6, 7 around the time of 5th semester, before the USMLE step 1.

Just to explain the rule so the students are suppose to write USMLE after semester 5 and according to sjsm website the fee for each clinical semester is 7,500

Tuition: Clinical Science Program
Tuition per semester $7,500*
*includes a variable Hospital Surcharge. Subject to change according to the demand of the hospital
Annual Liability Insurance ($800x2) $1,600
Total tuition for 6 Semesters $46,600

source: http://bonaire.sjsm.org/index.php/admissions/tuition

You pay for 5th semester a month before we start it so thats $7,500 then you have to pay for 6th semester in the middle of 5th semester which is $7,500; and then after finishing 2 months of 5th semester you are suppose to pay for the 7th semester which is again $7,500 that's a total of $22,500 and plus you might have to pay liability insurance too.

If you don't want to pay for 7th semester then you have to pass the USMLE step 1 before the end of 2 month before 5th semester. For student, who are a little confuse about the timeline for MD ,  6th and 7th SEMESTER is after you write your USMLE.

Some students don't mind the rule while most students are complaining that what if you don't pass USMLE step 1 then what happens to the money? this is based on their knowledge about previous classes; where not everyone passed the USMLE, the chicago office mentioned the pass rate is close to 70 or 60 i think (please confirm with school).

AGAIN, this is what everyone is talking in school, it hasn't been officially said, but students have talked to professor and they agree with the rule, while some student also called Chicago Office from Bonaire who agreed that this new rule is going to be implemented soon. If this is something which will greatly effect you then call the office to get more information so you are not in for a big shock.
I don't want this article to sound like a personal opinion so i tried to write it as neutrally as possible :)

Best of luck
Med Stu Life

2 comments to ''New Rule/Rumor"

  1. I think the new rule is good for the people and the authority wants to know something better and you just visit website to manage your task. In future, this rule will be a success.

  2. SJSM implement a new rule to submit the advance fee of five, six and seven semester. Students are worried about it because it is not easy for the middle class people to submit the whole amount in such a short notice. I think they should have a look on this rule again for the convenience of students.