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New NeuroScience/PDI teacher Update

By Med stu - Friday, March 11, 2011 3 Comments
As I mentioned in my old post , we had a new Neuroscience teacher so she has been for over a month now so Let me share what the views have been about her so far.

Alot of people seem to have problem with her teaching style since she has never taught before she has some trouble with conveying her knowledge to the students. Students weren't too happy with her notes, many people complained most of her information was just from the web and didn't provide them with much useful information. BUT i want to point out, she did mention again and again to students to read the book but i don't think many people paid attention to that. So the result was that, people end up doing fairly bad on the second block exam (her 1st exam for SJSM students) and there were huge amount of complaints.

One good thing about this teacher, she had a open discussion with all the students and asked them for ideas on how to improve; also she gave the class a big curve to wash away their sorrows. There has been a huge amount of change her teaching style now and she is doing better with conveying her knowledge, so thats a good positive side to look into for students taking neuroscience in MD 2.

A BOOK that everyone seems to be talking alot about is

Its the Clinical Neuroanatomy, Which is very helpful, and amazon seems to be offering a really good price so grab yourself one especially if you are planning to stay on the island between MD 1 and MD 2 break.

Best of luck
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3 comments to ''New NeuroScience/PDI teacher Update"

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