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Life on the Island

By Med stu - Sunday, March 20, 2011 2 Comments
The Life on the island can get pretty boring, especially since you are studying almost all the time. So its very important to organize the time and get involved in some activities.

Some of the things that students do around here is go to the beach, swimming and snorkeling. This is one great thing about living on bonaire, they got beautiful beach and shore line, the nice soothing wind can be very relaxing in the night time, plus its good to be away from the big city and enjoy the clear skies at night.

Many students go to gym, they are not like the regular gym back home but do have facilities to work out, not cardio thou, and for students who know or might be interested i have heard there are some students who regularly play cricket in the school.

So set your priority to study but do take some time off from your busy schedule to have some fun :)

2 comments to ''Life on the Island"

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