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Exam Time

By Med stu - Thursday, March 24, 2011 1 Comment
We have to realize this is a medical school, and not a regular medical school but a Caribbean medical school where you are given 16 months to complete the basic science whereas in a regular medical its a lot different (depending on the school).

And each block exam accounts for 25% of your final marks which puts a huge pressure on your shoulder. That 25% is a big number towards the final marks, meaning if you really really mess up one of the exams, it can be something very hard to recover from. So you can't take any of the exams lightly, you have to study really hard, and keep pushing yourself the whole time you are on the island and all the way till you clear USMLE with flying colors.

Another important thing is you cant leave everything to the last moment, with the amount of course material, its near to impossible that you will be able to study everything within the last day, so the best strategy is to keep up the pace everyday and be determined to study hard every day.

Tomorrow i have Pharmacology and Psychology, hopefully it goes well, Pharmacology is said to be the toughest course out of all the courses you take in basic sciences and i agree, the amount of drugs that we have to memorize in a short amount of time is crazy but then again its the Life of a Medical Student =D

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