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By Unknown - Sunday, March 13, 2011 5 Comments
hey I tried to look for the assessment item that we have for basic science, n its not mentioned anywhere....so do we do the exams at the end of the semester or....? n i just noticed this research thing today in their curriculum never noticed that before ......m starting from fall 2011 in Bonaire.
thank you...

Hey np at all, i remember applying myself and it was tough making the decision and i barely got all my Question answered plus i felt really bad abt emailing or calling admission adviser with small Questions.

Yea you have 4 block and you have a exam at the end of every block
I explained it the best way i could in this post check it out


and yea the research is a new subject its basically the Netherland gov't requirement in order for them to allow the medical school to open here in Bonaire so thats why we have it, to be honest its very pointless it helps a lil on USMLE but overall not really but still good to kick back and enjoy easy marks.
The curriculum here its listed with the courses and wat you have in wat semester


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