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Transfering to SJSM: worth it??

By Med stu - Friday, February 11, 2011 No Comments
Hello Med student,

I am currently a Med student in UNIBE am in Med 3 of basic sciences (located in Santo Domingo) and am really wanting to transfer out of here because of the disorganization and horrible teachers in this school. I wanted to as you for your honest opinino about St. James, is it worth transferring to? is it a good school?

I am looking for another Caribbean med school that helps prepare you for USMLE (which this school doesn't, so I am behind and lacking with my studies due to this schools unreadiness to help the students). I wanted to know if what the professor teaches is actually what we will be tested on for class exams (which in this school is otherwise, they teach you one thing and expect another thing from you on the exams). Also in regards to taking the USMLE, how does that work? after MD4 do we go back home and study for it? I basically want to know what happens once we finish our basic sciences because I am really lost and in great need of someone to please help guide me in the right direction.

I hope you can help me out.

I really liked your blog, it helps a lot.

sorry about the late reply i just had alot to study, the bottom line is they dont 100% prepare you for the USMLE , some courses are good, they have good teachers, like pharmacology, psychology and pathology this semester, while in some courses you might have to struggle a little bit to understand the teacher but its not like that they are bad teachers, just accent can be a bit hard to understand. 

In all honestly, they basically just give you the basic, like teach you the ABC you hve to learn the rest on your own, but they do teach you something and school is pretty organized, its teachers are very helpful they will try their best to make you understand things but at the end it all comes down to you how much effort you put into it.

ON exams, everything is from what they teach you and thats not a problem, and here after MD 4 you go to chicago to do your MD5, which is in clinical settings and they also give you a review course to help you for the USMLE.

Its not the best school on the island, but its good for the money you pay, like its one of the cheapest school so dont expect too much but they give you the grounds to write your USMLE rest is all up to you.

Hope it answers your Questions 
Med Stu Life 
Thx for reading 

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