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New Professor !!!

By Med stu - Thursday, February 3, 2011 1 Comment
SJSM Bonaire Campus News
February 03,  2011
So this is the latest news, we found out about a new teacher who has been a neurologist for 30 years, but she has no teaching experience YET. She is going to start teaching Neuroscience MD 2 and PDI (Physical Diagnosis & Clinical Medicine) MD 4; also there are some rumors going around that she might teach pathology MD3 but these are just rumors not so sure, but Neuroscience and PDI are for sure. I think for PDI they want a female staff for the female students since it involves doing many hands on learning. She is starting to teach Neuroscience starting Monday, most students are really looking forward to it due to her experience in neuroscience but are not 100% confident due to her lack of teaching experience. 

Will keep everyone updated on what that students think about it. 

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1 comment to ''New Professor !!!"

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